zyneTV deliver TV live stream anywhere you are. Direct to the point links. No annoying popups, no multiple clicks, no overlay ads, no redirection.


  • Adaptive. Viewable in any browser of smartphones, smart TV’s, Tablets and PC’s.
  • Responsive. Pages automatically adjust and response to the display size of the device.
  • It was crafted to attain the maximum speed in page rendering.
  • Streams were driven by high speed HTML5 player.
  • Multi Device. Users can simultaneously view different channels on multiple device at the same time. It is unlike IPTV that restricts users to one stream at a time.

Reminders and Requirements

  • Refresh or reload the page when stream does not load during the first approach. Try to refresh or reload the page if error occur. Stream is offline if error persist.
  • HD streams may take a few seconds to load.
  • Internet connection download speed should not be lesser than three (3) MB/S and has low latency (ping) in order to avoid lag and buffer.
  • As well, the data capability should not be limited because one (1) NBA live game or 2 hours of viewing stream could cost more or less one (1) gigabyte.
  • System Refresh – zyneTV may systematically refresh from 5 to 10 minutes everyday. In this case, your patience is required.
  • Since zyneTV is viewable in any browser of a device. It does not created any APK or Apps. Be careful in using or downloading APK or Apps pretending zyneTV.

Time Zone

Time in current and succeeding scheduled listing was set in UTC+08:00 part of Asia.

Questions, Comments and Suggestions

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