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Diddy TV › Live Now

Series 2 Episode 9: Diddy iPlayer

Diddy Dick and Dom are on duty at Diddy iPlayer HQ ready to play on demand their greatest shows from this series.

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power › Next

Series 2 Episode 5: White Out

Catra, Entrapta and Scorpia head to the Northern Reach for First Ones tech. The squad follows with Sea Hawk, who is having relationship issues.

7:35 PM

Holly Hobbie

Series 2 Episode 5: The Puzzled Peacemaker

Holly is ready to perform her new song at Open Mic but quickly discovers Lylas boycott against it. It turns out that Lyla is offended by one of Pipers tweets about her famous tacos.

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News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.

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Jamie Johnson

Series 5 Episode 4: Visiting Hours

Boggy visits Jamie in hospital and tries to cheer him up after his accident. They reflect on the events that led Jamie to this point, before another old friend comes to visit.

8:35 PM

The Worst Witch

Series 4 Episode 8: Enids Last Race

Betrayed by Miss Hempnettle, will Enids dreams of sprint stardom at the Witch World Games qualifiers end in tatters?

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News magazine keeping young viewers up to date with the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.

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Malory Towers

Series 1 Episode 8: The Push

When Sally is taken seriously ill, Darrell blames herself and resorts to desperate measures to find a doctor. Meanwhile, Alicia inspires anarchy in the dorm.

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Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 1

An unexpected visit from great aunt Gloria – mums harshest critic – means emergency plans are needed. Mum has never told her about her and dad splitting up! Millie tells mum this is the perfect opportunity to come clean and tell the truth, but mum loses her nerve – and even dad arrives to keep up the pretence.

10:05 PM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 2: Surprise, Surprise

Its Millies 13th birthday – a teenager at last! Both mum and dad want to throw a party for her, but Millie cant decide which shed rather have – mum and Laurens teen disco party, or dads more old school cake-and-games version.

10:30 PM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 3: Take a Hike

Millie has her first crush, while Craig gets a Saturday job and Lauren takes a hike. Will Mike pop the question, and how will Dad react when Ambers ex turns up?

11:00 PM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 4: Head to Head

The school is holding a spelling bee and Millie enters, hoping itll mean more attention from dad. But Fran also decides to give it a go. Dad and Amber promise not to take sides, but its no good – it soon turns into a gruelling showdown.

11:25 PM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 5: The Guitar Hero

Millie is looking forward to going ice skating and getting some rare one-on-one time with her dad. Jakes feeling the same – his real dad is putting in an all-too-rare appearance to take him to the air guitar championships.

11:55 PM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 6: Mum v Mum

Overhearing Millie describe her as uncool, mum decides its time to change. The results are epically embarrassing for Millie and Lauren. Jake and Fran have the opposite problem – Amber is so laid-back shes horizontal.

12:20 AM

Millie Inbetween

Series 2 Episode 7: So Long Sunnyshopper

When Mum is made redundant from her job at Sunnyshopper, the family are supportive – until she starts a regime of frenzied over-tidying. Millie realises Mum is bored and frustrated, so suggests something positive – why not start her own business?

12:50 AM

Wild & Weird

Series 2 Episode 5: Shocking Tales

This time featuring a man that got struck by lightning, an everlasting storm and a shocking secret lurking in the swamps of South America.

1:05 AM

All Over the Place

Series 7 Episode 1: Asia

Ed Petrie and friends go on a bizarre quest to find the most unusual places to visit in the UK.

1:30 AM

Marrying Mum and Dad

Series 7 Episode 5: Fashion

Two sisters plan to put a very `on-trend wedding for their mum and soon-to-be step-dad with a fashion themed big day. With the help of Instagram sensation, make-up expert and Zayn Maliks sister, Doniya Malik, the girls put on a fashion show like youve never seen before, complete with a real catwalk fashion show.

2:00 AM

Show Me What Youre Made Of

Series 3 Episode 7: Cocoa

Five pampered kids from the UK head to Ghana to work and live alongside the people who make their favourite things. After a dramatic overland journey out into the African bush they kick off their epic trip on a cocoa farm, and the kids have to prove themselves to a village full of cocoa farmers. Do the UK kids have what it takes to farm Ghanas precious brown gold? Within minutes of starting harvesting work in the cocoa plantation they are a man down.

2:30 AM

The Dog Ate My Homework

Series 7 Episode 10: Kadisha v Ben

Hacker T Dog takes over The Dog Ate My Homework, joining Prankster Adam B. They are joined by team captains Kadisha and Ben and special guests Ed Petrie, Bec Hill, Daniel Cook and Stevie Martin, who battle it out in a series of hilarious rounds.

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Operation Ouch!

Series 7 : Get Your Body Moving!

Dr Chris and Dr Xand are in the lab to show the incredible barrier that keeps your brain safe, and theyve made a music video to get you moving! Meanwhile Dr Ronx is on call with paramedics and theres a new trick that makes things look bigger than they really are. Over in the Emergency Department Conor comes in with a big bandage on his head, and Isaac has dislocated his thumb.

3:30 AM

Horrible Histories

Series 3 Episode 2

Some medieval knights discover the most disgusting way to attack a castle, the Saxons demonstrate the stupidest way to lose a battle, a Georgian goes shopping in a modern pet shop and the kings and queens of England demonstrate how to remember them all, through the power of song.

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