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Seasonal Wonderlands › Live Now

Svalbard in the Arctic spends many months of the year in complete darkness, an unrelenting frozen winter with temperatures down to -40 Celsius.

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The Okavango Delta is one of the worlds largest inland deltas – and supports a variety of life as rich as any you will see in Africa. Yet this lush wetland of islands and lagoons lies in the middle of the vast, featureless Kalahari Desert. This is the story of how it happens.

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Planet Earth: One Amazing Day

A look at a day on Earth explores natural wonders, exotic locales and candid animal interactions.

11:00 PM

Planet Earth: Enchanted Kingdom

A spell-binding journey through earthly realms to display the natural world at its most ethereal, this is the ultimate celebration of natures magic.

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South Pacific

Flesh-eating caterpillars, crabs that tear open coconuts, and unusual human societies are examined in the premiere of this documentary series, which focuses on islands in the South Pacific.

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South Pacific

Saltwater crocodiles; giant eels; a New Guinea tribe; the voyages of the Polynesians.

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South Pacific

Examining tiger sharks, sperm whales and the Galapagos Islands. Also: the shipwreck story that inspired “Moby Dick” is discussed.

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South Pacific

An islands formation, development and destruction. Also: gray reef sharks, manta rays, jellyfish and megapode birds.

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South Pacific

Examining wildlife on islands in the South Pacific, including giant skinks, flightless parrots, burrowing bats and kangaroos in trees.

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Planet Earth II

Animal life on remote islands is examined in the series premiere.

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Planet Earth II

Mountain ranges are explored.