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The Patriot › Live Now

Mel Gibson is a farmer-turned-fighter in 1776 in this rousing but violent epic. Heath Ledger. Roland Emmerich directed.

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Two and a Half Men › Next

Lyndsey learns that Alans sleeping with Larrys sister; Walden tells Barry hes got to move out.

10:30 PM

Two and a Half Men

Walden gets an invitation to an opening for his ex-girlfriends boutique; Gretchen hopes to spend more time at Alans house.

11:00 PM

Two and a Half Men

Walden reconnects with Kate and decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, at least until he meets Vivian. Meanwhile, Alan and Gretchen grow closer.

11:30 PM

Two and a Half Men

A moneymaking scheme for Alan falls into his lap; Walden confronts his codependency issues.

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Two and a Half Men

Walden goes a road trip with Jenny and Barry to see his first car; Gretchen demands that Alan tell Larry who he really is.

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Two and a Half Men

Alan comes clean to Larry about his identity, but then has to face the consequences.

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Two and a Half Men

Walden has a health scare on Halloween in the Season 12 premiere and asks for Alans help with adjusting his priorities in life.

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Two and a Half Men

Alan gets offended when Walden asks him to sign a prenuptial agreement, which gives him pause about getting married.

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Two and a Half Men

Alan and Walden meet with a social worker and try to convince her that theyre a loving couple and capable of adopting a child. Meanwhile, Lyndsey gets out of rehab after 60 days.

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Two and a Half Men

A mother-to-be meets Alan and Walden when shes looking for suitable parents to adopt her baby.

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The O.K. Corral gunfight between Wyatt Earp and his brothers and a murderous band of outlaws.

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U.S. Marshals

Sam Gerard is back chasing another wrongly accused fugitive. This time hes pursuing Mark Sheridan, a Chicago man framed for a double homicide in New York.