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Flipping Vegas › Live Now

A small condo in a low-income neighborhood causes headaches for Scott.

08:00 PM

Flipping Vegas › Next

A house filled with reptiles is purchased by Scott.

09:00 PM

Zombie House Flipping

Justin surprises the team with a small home he bought, but the team decide to up the square footage and build an addition to make more money off the flip.

10:00 PM

Zombie House Flipping

The team tackle a home without a kitchen and encounter a swampy pool in the backyard; a mysterious burial site; and more.

11:00 PM

Sell This House!

Tanya Memme comes to the rescue of mother-son homeowners whose large house cant sell. Online, this home hits all the right notes including a lovely location. But in person, the yellow and brown walls and musical instruments all over the house turn off potential buyers.

11:30 PM

Sell This House!

Host Tanya Memme has her hands full trying to save a Texas home that has attracted interest online with its sweet and old-fashioned charm, but still has zero offers. Tanya and the team have less than three days to polish this old antique into a sparkling gem that buyers want to call their own.

12:00 AM

Court Cam

A suspected murderer slashes his own throat in court; a foul-mouthed defendant lets loose on the judge, and a young woman tries to save the life of the man who is suing her family.

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Court Cam

A mourning father makes a desperate attempt to attack his daughters killer; a judge takes off his robe to help subdue an unruly defendant; a defendant tries to sing his way to a lighter sentence; and more.

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Court Cam

A man accused of murdering his five children faces their mother in court.

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Court Cam

A look at some of the wildest courtroom moments: A defendant leaps over a balcony headfirst in a death-defying escape attempt; a man accused of murdering his girlfriends 4-year old son has an unlikely defender: his girlfriend; a 19-year-old escaped defendant leads police on a high-speed chase, with devastating results; and more.

02:00 AM

Live PD

A look at police across the country as they work the night shift.

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Live PD

A live look at police across the country as they work the night shift in real-time.