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Murder, She Wrote › Live Now

Series 6 Episode 11: Town Father

Jessica may be forced into public office when a woman arrives in town claiming Cabot Coves bachelor mayor is the father of her five children.

8:00 PM

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Series 6 Episode 12: Goodbye Charlie

The questionable identity of a body found by a railroad track leads to murder and becomes the inspiration for Jessicas latest novel.

9:00 PM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 13: If the Shoe Fits

A factory worker, struggling to make ends meet for herself and her son, becomes a prime suspect when her lecherous landlord is killed.

10:00 PM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 14: How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying

Jessica enters the world of high finance when she attempts to solve the murder of her stockbroker, a partner in a prestigious Wall Street firm.

11:00 PM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 15: Fixer Upper

While in California, Jessica is reunited with her niece Victoria, a real estate broker who becomes a suspect when a wealthy client is murdered.

12:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 16: The Big Show of 1965

An interesting mystery to be solved by the US one-woman war on crime. Jessica Fletcher finds that murder tops the bill at an all-star variety show when she investigates two killings separated by 25 years.

1:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 17: Murder — According to Maggie

Jessicas former student, creator of a highly rated television series, becomes a suspect when the network programmer is murdered.

2:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 18: OMalleys Luck

The presumed suicide of a real-estate moguls wife presents a lot of unanswered questions to a hard-nosed Irish detective.

3:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 19: Always a Thief

Charming jewel thief Dennis Stanton, now an insurance investigator, becomes involved in two murders while checking into the theft of a valuable silver dollar.

4:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 20: Shear Madness

While Jessica is in Texas to attend her cousin Anns wedding, the bridegroom is murdered, as was Anns first fiancé 15 years earlier.

5:00 AM

Murder, She Wrote

Series 6 Episode 21: The Szechuan Dragon

Jessicas nephew and his wife enjoy housesitting in Cabot Cove until they discover the body of a peg-legged murder victim on the living room floor.